Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The cherry party

If you follow the blog you might remember that post back in April in which I shown you all some of the views around here, specially the blossoming cherry trees. If you don't remember, go read it now, that's an order!

In any case, those little white flowers turned into cherries somehow (I think wizardry is involved) and now the whole region is overflowing with tasty round sweet red orbs of goodness.

So much that they get turned into desserts, pies, liquors, sweets... And since everybody loves them, people gather around to taste these things and many more, in what's locally known as "Festa da Cereja" (cherry party) in a nearby small village. I went to it saturday night and it was quite enjoyable. Although the small pubs had all sorts of liqueurs available, from apple to lime or blueberry and strawberry, I chose to sample some of the local cherry "Ginja", a liquor, served in funny ice glasses or chocolate covered cookie glasses:

People seemed to be having as good a time as myself and there were drums and flutes being played in the traditional Portuguese beira fashion, with people singing and dancing. Well at least the ones affected by alcohol.

Food was not in short supply either, with stands selling pastries, sandwiches and sweets (such as the chocolate covered cherry "espetada" below), and even small improvised restaurants serving meats and fish.

Well I had fun. And completely unrelated, here are some more pictures I took in completely different days.


  1. The chocolate covered cherries look delicious!!! Yummy...


  2. Ok, now i want cherries D:

  3. That looks amazing! I wanna try those drinks! :)

  4. Nice pics, looks like a good time.

  5. I'd like to eat some cherries.. i might buy some today :)

  6. Wow that looks like so much fun!! I'd love to have some cherry fondue :]

  7. Dude, I love cherries so much. Amazing, I am jealous, haha.

  8. This looks like a lot of fun, like a toned down carnival ;)
    I hope you had a good time that day