Friday, August 12, 2011

What a crazy week

So it's the middle of the summer and everyone, including me, is taking their breaks from routines and going in vacations. However that didn't stop this week from being one of the most action packed one this year so far.

We got countries getting their ratings cut , markets going up and down like roller coasters, London in flames, more people dead in protests in northern Africa, all of this merely days after a nut-case shot all of those people in Norway.
Is it just me who thinks things are getting out of hand?

This was funny though:

Video games are always to blame, aren't they?

Have you ever been reading about some historical happening and wondered how living was back then? Well, open your eyes, history is in the making and we are witnessing it first hand. Some day we might be able to say "Yeah I was there in the big crisis of the 2000s".

Either that or it all goes to extreme shit, and we all start fighting each other for food and internet access becoming modern broadband eating zombies.


  1. Now they're blaming video games?
    People did it because they could get away with it and the police were told to stand-by and do nothing.

  2. For wicked Cleon and his wife, when fame Following!

  3. Wow, yeah..always blaming the video's never mental instability or government! It's the video games!! This world is seriously falling apart..we need a revolution.

  4. It's been a crazy year and I have a hunch it will get crazier as we move into the last 6.
    Video games are easy targets, its never the parents or the state of things as they are. And I'm sure the entire blame-video-games-for-actual-violence isnt gonna change soon because we have more and more tech coming our way.
    Hope the situation improves everywhere but thats a big, big ask :/

  5. This was a though week, indeed. Of course, video geames are always the ones to blame everything for. Honestly, violence was always part of human nature, think about Medieval and Ancient ages. I hope thing will get better around the world, i.e. in England now. And on the markets too, that Swiss frank is really through the ceiling right now.