Thursday, January 26, 2012

Gadget of the Year, 2011

If there's something that's proliferating like cockroaches it's handheld gadgets, otherwise known as "smartphones", but I refuse to call them that until I see them doing something smart.

The winner for me this past year was:

Samsung Galaxy S II

Samsung seems to have found a good formula for making these gadgets, since many specialty sites considered the second iteration of the Galaxy series to be superior to many other Android based phones, and even superior to the grandaddy of them all, the iPhone.

I got to have one of these in my hands not long ago and played with it a little bit, and it was pretty good. This however hasn't changed my opinion that people who don't need most of the features (and certainly being in Facebook 24/7 is not something anyone really needs) shouldn't spend a small fortune on one of these things.

 Originally, the S II was shipped with Gingerbread Android and now it's upgradeable to the Ice Cream Sandwich version, keeping it up to date, until the S III is launched (to be announced in February this year).

The honorable mention goes to the iPhone and it's wonderful auto-correct feature, which gives us laughter every day.


  1. Turn by turn navigation and the ability to play music are both good additions to the phones of today but you're right about there being a lot of worthless features on the latest phones.

  2. Can't people simply turn the auto-correct feature off? But then again, we wouldn't be able to laugh at their embarassing mistakes.
    Nice, you chose a Samsung phone. Awesome brand.

  3. I'm not super on Samsung or iPhones, but cool. Funny pic.

  4. 2 bad i didnt wait 1 month longer, i have the galaxy 1, nice gadget tho, but i dont need it :) Nice post