Friday, February 10, 2012

Windows 8 is coming

Microsoft announced they will make publicly available a preview version of their newest Operating System. While a developer version was released last september, this one is aimed at the common user, albeit with the tag of "trial", which means some features might not be available.

The software giant will announce the release february 29 in Barcelona, during the World Mobile Congress, aiming their new OS towards the mobile market, both phones and tablets.

Many people have tried this already and both screenshots and videos are readily available, showing a radical departure from the traditional layout first introduced in Windows 95, almost two decades ago.

Some sources state that the most noticeable change will be the removal of the ever present Start menu, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was an optional choice; many people like the way it works and are comfortable with what's familiar, so completely removing it would mean shooting oneself in the foot. Microsoft isn't famous for taking such high risks.

So will it suit computers, since it was designed for tablets? We'll have to wait for the 29th and try it ourselves.


  1. Let's hope they can make one that works.

    Oh wait this is Windows.

    Before yall hate on me I sat through Windows Vista. 7 has been pretty good to me though actually.

  2. Designed for tablets? That does not bode well for its success on the laptop/desktop.
    I feel like a fish out of water just by looking at these visuals. Hope its simplistic above everything else.
    Else, why fix something that isn't broken? xD

  3. I don't see the need to make an OS that works the same or very similar on both a tablet and either a laptop or desktop computer. One is expected to have a touchscreen and the other category is not- why build an OS designed for users of both?

  4. Looks pretty but I have my doubts about it.
    Are they trying to force us to use our desktop as a touchscreen only?

  5. I don't think it's going to be that great, but then a gain xp was the best they ever made.