Saturday, April 7, 2012

Tribute to Ferdinand Alexander Porsche

When someone thinks of fast cars and iconic designs, it's impossible not to think Porsche 911. German engineering with a twist, an unmistakable shape, and blistering performance.
The guy who designed this car was the grandson of none other than Ferdinand Porsche himself, who started the company and is famous for his tank designs and the Volkswagen Beetle. The 911 was meant to be the new flagship model for the company and boy did it become so. Arguably the most successful sports car ever, with many iterations but maintaining the original design. Introduced in 1963, to this day it is impossible to mistake it's shape with any other cars (save other Porsches which borrow a little from it), and it would be rare to find a high performance touring race without one of these rolling around.

So I wanna leave my respects to Ferdinand Alexander Porsche for designing one of the icons of the 20th century. He passed away thursday and we should all know who he was.

(photos include a Porsche 904, which was also designed by him)


  1. I had no idea the 911 had been going for that long. Wow.

  2. Always loved Porsche and I saw Ferdinand Alexander Porsche's death covered on the BBC for a minute or two. Lovely stuff.
    On another note, yaaay you are back. So I am assuming Dr Nick's medicine worked. This time. :P

  3. That Porsche in the last photo... scary things. Scary things indeed.