Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The conundrum of finding a job

How is one to get their first job when employers act like this?
Well I tell you how. You gotta know someone who knows someone who will get you in. Corruption at its finest.


  1. If you ask people why they accept a certain job, they would most likely answer: “To gain experience”. Well, you can’t really blame them, because at this moment, it’s really hard to find a job that fits your educational background. So, instead of just being a home buddy, they choose to accept jobs that are not related to their course, at least until they have enough experience for that. And this experience somewhat helps them to become better, not just a professional, but as an individual as well.

  2. Good point, Sherlock. Employment is indeed becoming even more competitive nowadays. And what can an individual do to keep up with it? One is to think outside the box. Think of ways where you can gain advantage for yourself and get hired. Do simple steps in improving your skills. Consider jobs even if they’re not in line with your field, as long as they can serve as your stepping stone to something better. Also, it can fund your trainings that are needed for your desired job. Good luck! :)

    Rupert  Echard

  3. Human resources management, ah yes... they live in never-never land and they want YOU to be everything they've ever dreamed of as an employee. Or else. (GTFO) And unfortunately I've had enough of this stepping stone bullshit. I think you're either lucky enough to find someone willing to give you a chance or you're not. Or they are in dire need of just someone.