Sunday, July 31, 2011

And boom goes the car

Just a short car post to finish the month with. It's a video I recorded from today's Grand Prix, in Hungary.
It might persuade more of my american readers to start watching Formula 1, as I understand, they look for excitement, crashes and mechanical failures (yeah, stereotypes! I'm just kidding with you all).

Anyway here's a video of what happens when one of the most advanced high performance engines goes a bit wrong.

Nick Heidfeld Lotus Renault blows up - Hungary - The best home videos are here

So, hope he has his car insurance papers ready, cos an F1 engine costs 150 thousand. Not to mention on last week's race he went a little airborne when trying to overtake another car:

Poor guy. Here's to hoping his car at least ends the next grand prix whole.


  1. Yeah I really hope Heidfeld finishes the race next time in Belgium. Poor guy must be frustrated.

  2. I love watching the F1 races... They're full of excitement and thrills and spills.
    I've always wondered what the plural of Grand Prix is, though. Heh.

  3. I was lucky enough to see the fire, awesome. It is a bit of a stereotype but it is also true, not just for American watchers.

  4. If one sticks to Grand Prix as french, meaning Great Prize, then the plural (great prizes) is still written Grand Prix. When treated as a loan word though some people write it as Grands Prix or Grand Prixes, which sounds wrong to me. So; Grands Prix or Grand prix, either one is acceptable.

  5. This surely looks spectacular. Nothing to compare with late '80s/ early '90s and the F1 or Group B rallying of those times. Now these were fantastic, but extremely dangerous sports. They actually 'downgraded' F1 bolides since then after several crashes and they got rid of Group B too. Those were some good times... Even Le Mans series: as far as I know the circuit record wasn't beaten since 1970s due to the fact the fastest class of cars (including the famous Porsche 917K) got eradicated.

  6. F1 car racing really looks dangerous but if you really look for some adventure maybe you could try this one. I love adventures but maybe I should be contented in watching it on my seat.