Saturday, July 2, 2011

Fear 3

Well, hello July; the summer is already letting itself be felt and what other way to celebrate it than... locking myself in my room and playing some scary first person shooter.

I admit I have been a little lax in terms of posting; although I've been busy, the blame falls on me being lazy under summer heat.

So without further ado, Fear 3.

It must be one of the most awaited sequels this year and finally it's here. Before I go on, truth be told, Fear 1 and 2 haven't made their way to my computer hard drive. With that in mind it's pretty obvious the story went right by me.

With a game called 'fear' my first reaction was to open my windows and let the sunshine in, light some candles and put a teddy bear on top of my monitor so everything seemed less scary. Then I found my balls which I had lost and closed the door, closed the window, pumped the volume up and fired the game.

The environment that greeted me was not very scary at first, when compared to other games I've played in the past, getting out of a prison is not such a big deal. Then you start seeing things here and there, you wonder if you really seen them, if you're imagining things or if it's a graphical glitch. Most of what you see however is meant to be there and to start playing with your head, something this game does quite adequately.

As the levels progress you find more disturbing imagery. I wasn't sure if my character was losing it's mind or if it was me. Easy enough to trouble shoot: stopped the game walked around the house and realized it wasn't covered in blood nor there were little dead girls showing up out of nowhere, so it had to be the game. By the third level things like this greeted me:

What I've said before about being busy lately is not entirely a lie so I genuinely haven't had a chance to finish the game, nor did I write this review as early as I was planning, but I can say I find it engaging and makes me want to complete it, which is always a good thing to say about a game.

Technically it's not pushing many boundaries, specially with it's graphics or gameplay mechanics, they're adequate. There's a slow motion button that lets you take well aimed shots at zombies' heads, which is very satisfying. You can play as two characters, or so it seems, which makes me think this game fully supports cooperative mode. It's not my main way to play games however so I can't give you an insight into that. The sound is well done and it scares you at the right places. If you have a surround sound system then this can be one ... spine chilling experience altogether.

More games reviews to come this week.


  1. My friend is obsessed with this series and has been talking my ear off about this game. I really need to get into the series.

  2. That looks scary, like a horror movie but in first player game mode ^^
    One of the finest examples of your writing and quite funny, keep it up ;)

  3. I hear it plays like a regular FPS game and it's not as scary as the first game, but it's an alright game overall. I might give this one a try in the future, maybe.

  4. Oh gosh, I can't stand the Fear series. It's not that it's a bad game, it looks awesome, but I can't deal with the crap popping out at me and the creepy shit. Screw this game lol. Good review though!