Saturday, October 1, 2011

Wallpaper day

I wanted to start the month with a post, but I can't find anything that good to report on.
My lazy side took over and then an idea hit me... why not add some wallpapers of my choice every now and then? Perhaps make Saturday Wallpaper Day.

Today's theme is cars. Who doesn't love a sexy sports car and why not stare at it while you work?

Audi R8, one sexy piece of german engineering

That nice wheel, color and badge, breathe Ferrari.
More Italian goodness. Maserati. 

One of the fastest cars around, Mercedes SLR McLaren

 Now for some motorsports:

That's all for now, will try to stay a little more active this month, got some projects in my mind.


  1. Cars can be nice, and these are good wallpapers, but nothing good enough to make me want to change my own.

  2. Is that the Michael Schumacher Ferrari? :D
    Pretty cool pictures, #2 and #7 (Red Bull) are my favourites