Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A world of planks is dangerous

Have you ever thought we should have buildings made entirely out of planks?
And then, what would happen if someone came along with a giant catapult shooting balls at these structures?

Yeah me neither...

Despite that, some people find it fun to simulate structures made out of planks and then crashing stuff into them, posting the videos which are extremely entertaining to watch.

These videos are created with a very good (and free) software called Blender. If you're interested, there are many tutorials and manuals out there to learn and create your own stuff with it. Or you can keep watching videos of things being destroyed and great animation.


  1. I'm gonna have to check it out. I like doing stuff like that to occupy my time.

  2. The first one stood up to it quite well really. That's some cool stuff.

  3. Ahhhh extreme Jenga!!! iw ant to play this i really want to play this destruction sims!!! take all my money!!!!..s eriously any game out there that focuses on this?

  4. There are online tutorials (YouTube and forums) where you can learn how to make these buildings and create some sort of "game" where you shoot those balls into them and watch the destruction.

  5. Smashing stuff, one of my eternal favourites ^^
    Looks awesome ;) Wonder if we can do that to the Burj Khalifa

  6. Sounds like a super-awesome version of Angry Birds, haha. Except you have to think. :P