Thursday, March 22, 2012

iPad 3... too hot, too cold? Revolutionary, dull?

Reports are coming in that the new Apple tablet, the iPad 3, is getting too hot for comfort, literally. It can run 7º C hotter than its predecessor, the iPad 2, and is causing concerns among experts.

The simple fact is that the iPad 3 packs quite some punch compared to the previous one, thanks to a new faster quad-core processor and graphic unit, as well as a bigger capacity battery and a much more higher resolution display, dubbed the "retina display", boasting 'as much resolution as a human eye is capable of seeing', a claim contested by some.
All of this packed in about the same case, albeit a tiny bit thicker, means the device can run a little hotter, which concerns some people who claim it could cause "toasted skin syndrome", a skin condition normally attributed to using a hot laptop on one's legs, leading to lesions, and to low sperm counts on males.

This is only minor news though compared to the disappointment Apple fans felt when it was introduced. The device looked exactly like the iPad 2, and nothing like the edge-to-edge, 3D, revolutionary display everyone was expecting. Quite the contrary, many have dubbed this 3rd generation 'the least innovative of the iPads'.
Others on the other hand are declaring the iPad 3 is the "PC Killer". This is, that it's going to be the first device that will mark the beginning of the end for big, bulky personal desktop (and maybe even laptop) computers.
I don't see that happening but people are free to speculate. In the mean time, I will be using my very good Samsung Laptop which doesn't burn my crotch.
Artist concept of what the community expected the iPad 3 to look like...


  1. Wow.. Who would have thought this would cause such a stir. Anyways, guess another reason to stay away from the new Ipad.

  2. I wasn't aware of the new iPad being too hot until you posted this so thank you.
    I love my laptop and I can't really imagine them being replaced by Apple products :/ Horrible.

  3. I see people using iPads with bluetooth keyboards all the time. The idea that this device will somehow replace laptops still seems silly to me given that a decent netbook is still $200 less expensive.

  4. I think the chances of tablets taking over desktop PCs are about the same as my left testicle becoming king of Mexico.
    PCs are superior in every way, shape and form. If you want thin, incredible quality - get a Razer Blade, not this 2.1 gen rubbish.