Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Carbage in, carbage out

Grab a car, grab your tools, ignore all common sense and bang bang till you think it looks cool.

That's how most carbage comes to be. For the owner, it's the greatest thing that ever rolled on a road. For the rest of us, we don't know if we should laugh or cry.

Here are a few examples of cars butchered and murdered by their $&%@# owners.

Well hello there, I heard you like big suspensions...

VROOOOOMMM!!! Look at my turbo hump!

More spoilers make you go faster, yes?

Chrome is cruise control for cool...

Look, its Camber King

Nevermind, the king was de-throned. This is the new Camber Emperor.

And his good friend, the Lowered Suspension Duke.

This started life as a beautiful E-Type Jaguar... this... this is a crime.

Uh.. ehh... what the hell? What do Insurance Companies say about this?

Looks beautiful, love. *runs away*

Are those supposed to be exhausts, or does this guy sell pipes for a living?

Oh God Why.

This looks fast doesn't it? Indian engineering.

Somebody shoot whoever thinks this is cool in any way. 

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  1. So much time and money that could have gone into something useful